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storm damage

Best Practices When Filing Claims for Storm-Damaged Roofs

From severe hail to snowstorms, Mother Nature finds no shortage of disasters that will have you calling your local roofers for some urgent roofing service. Staying ahead of all these repairs and replacements can easily cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Thankfully, many of the effects brought about by extreme weather and natural disasters… read more

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Hail Damage on Your Roof

Hail is a weather element that poses a big threat to your roof. However, a lot of homeowners do not realize that their roofs have been significantly damaged by hailstones until certain issues start to take shape in indoor spaces. This is the main reason why you should have your roof inspected after a hailstorm… read more

3 Winter Roof Threats

Any good homeowner knows that the winter season is never easy on their homes. This is why many a residential roofing contractor knows that the months during and after winter can be a busy time. That’s because the weather one would expect during the winter can be especially difficult on the roof.… read more

Understanding the Basics of Roof Maintenance

  Maintaining your roofing system is critical to the beauty, value and functionality of your home. Although many homeowners don’t consider it as a priority, the lack of roof maintenance can lead to the need for extensive repairs or even a complete replacement of your entire roofing system. This can be very costly, yet is… read more