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What Are the Three Rs of Commercial Roofing?

Commercial roofing issues can be solved through repair, restoration or replacement. It’s common for property owners to opt for either a roof repair or replacement, but some cases do not necessarily require a full replacement. Sometimes, roof replacement can be inefficient and excessive depending on the true state of your commercial roof. … read more

Answers to 5 Less Commonly Asked Roofing Questions

You might have a lot of questions about your roofing system. Whether it’s a small question that you suddenly thought of or a question that you’ve been thinking about for a long time now, it’s good to find answers. We’re here to help with that. Jack The Roofer is here to answer four of the less commonly… read more

3 Things Roofers Wish You’d Know

In most cases, roofing companies are eager to address all queries and requirements from homeowners to get in their good graces and to provide excellent customer service. While they can answer all of your questions, your trusted roofers share three things they wish you’d know about roofing before you start your roofing journey. … read more

What to Avoid Doing During Spring Roofing Maintenance

With the arrival of spring, it’s only natural that you have your roof checked for any sign of damage sustained from the previous winter months. The warm weather makes it ideal for seasonal maintenance and cleaning, but it’s still crucial that you pay attention to your roof’s condition and ensure its longevity. Here’s what you should… read more