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Tips to Spot and Avoid Storm Chasers

A “storm chaser” is a term to describe roofers who try to pull a fast one on inexperienced homeowners or prey on homeowners in need of urgent repairs. They come into your area after a severe weather event and try to offer their “services”. These dubious individuals will do whatever it takes to make a… read more

2 Main Causes of Winter Roof Leaks

It’s ice yes, and it’s because of the increased cold, but these are reductionist, simplistic answers. In today’s post, Jack The Roofer, your trusted roofing storm damage contractor in the area, points to two likely culprits that cause winter roof leaks.… read more

Project Planning: Finding a Roofer Beforehand

Finding a qualified contractor can take a long time so it’d be a good idea to start searching for one even before you need some roofing work done. That way, you’ll minimize project delays and make sure you get a quality roof. Here are some ways to vet your potential roofers.… read more