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The Importance of Communicating Well With Your Roofer

The results of your roof repair or replacement project depend on the work of your chosen roofers. To make sure they do an exceptional job that meets or even exceeds your expectations, you need to learn how to communicate with them properly. This way, both of you can minimize misunderstandings that could cause installation mistakes and… read more

3 Lies Shady Roofing Contractors Tell Their Clients

Being lied to is already bad enough, but being lied to because someone wants to take your money is even worse. This is not particularly uncommon with roofing projects. While most asphalt roofing contractors work hard to give you honest and exceptional service, there are still those who would lie all day every day just to get… read more

Asphalt Shingle Splitting vs. Cracking: Key Differences

Cracks and splits are common types of damage that occur on asphalt shingles. Left unaddressed, these issues can lead to more serious problems since such gaps can expose your roof’s sheathing and make it susceptible to water damage. Cracking and splitting, however, are the result of different circumstances. It’s important for your roofers to know… read more

3 Reasons Your Roof Is the Most Important Home Component

Given the many components that make up your home – each of them having a specific purpose – it can be hard to pinpoint which component is actually the most important. But the answer is far simpler than you may expect. Here’s why your roofing system is the most crucial part of your home. … read more

The Dangers of Delaying a Roof Replacement

Every home upkeep task is important, but promptly addressing roofing problems should always be at the top of your priority list. Why? It’s because even the smallest leak could pose a health hazard for your family, not to mention the structural damage it can potentially bring to your foundation. If your roof is in dire… read more