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How to Keep Your Roof Safe From Animals

Animal infestation poses serious threats to your roof and, if left unnoticed, to your entire home. Even by simply walking over your roof shingles, squirrels, raccoons and other critters contribute to the slow erosion of the granular surface of these materials. As a result, this problem will shorten your roof’s lifespan and put your home’s… read more

What Can Good Attic Insulation Do for Your Roof?

Insulation in your attic serves as a protective barrier against harsh conditions outside of your home. It also helps keep air where it belongs while maintaining the desired temperature in your living space. While it is often an overlooked component of the roofing system, attic insulation is integral in preserving the condition of your roof.… read more

4 Mistakes That Are Shortening the Life of Your Roof

Your roof is your home’s primary defense against the elements. If you fail to properly maintain your roof, there is a great chance you will face a series of problems, such as leaks and mold, which cost a lot of money to fix in the future. To prevent this hassle, make sure you avoid these… read more

Common Flashing Installation and Repair Mistakes

Roofs need regular maintenance and prompt repairs to extend their lifespan and improve their overall performance. However, there are times when roofing repairs can go wrong. Flashing installation and repair mistakes are among the most common issues. Fortunately, these can be avoided by hiring a professional to do the job. … read more

4 Best Practices for Commercial Roof Management

Property owners and facilities managers should prioritize certain best practices for managing and maintaining their commercial roofing systems to preserve the property’s long-term value. Otherwise, it could become a costly investment, especially once leaks and subsequent interior damage start to emerge. Today, we share four of the management best practices for commercial roofing systems. … read more