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roof repair

Common Flashing Installation and Repair Mistakes

Roofs need regular maintenance and prompt repairs to extend their lifespan and improve their overall performance. However, there are times when roofing repairs can go wrong. Flashing installation and repair mistakes are among the most common issues. Fortunately, these can be avoided by hiring a professional to do the job. … read more

4 Best Practices for Commercial Roof Management

Property owners and facilities managers should prioritize certain best practices for managing and maintaining their commercial roofing systems to preserve the property’s long-term value. Otherwise, it could become a costly investment, especially once leaks and subsequent interior damage start to emerge. Today, we share four of the management best practices for commercial roofing systems. … read more

4 Reasons to Get Your Roof Replaced This Spring

As winter draws to a close and spring approaches, it’s a good time to consider what home improvement tasks to prioritize in the months ahead. That said, a roof replacement is something worth your consideration. If your roof is already past its lifespan, now is the perfect opportunity to invest in a new one. Here… read more

Sagging Roof: Causes and Solutions

A sagging roof can be a major source of concern. While mild sagging does not always indicate imminent collapse, you should address the issue as soon as possible. Continue reading to learn why roofs sag and the best solutions for fixing the problem based on the cause. … read more

What to Do With Leftover Roofing Shingles?

Roofing materials are measured per “square”, with one square measuring 100 square feet. Each roofing square is broken down into three bundles each. When you hire a roofer for a roof replacement, the team will estimate how many squares are needed based on their initial inspection, with an extra 10% to 15% that could go to waste.… read more

Causes of Winter Roof Leaks

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the harsh weather conditions like strong winds, freezing temperatures and snowfall. Granted, modern roofing materials are manufactured to withstand these conditions, but they can only do so for so long. They could even encounter issues like roofing leaks, which are a serious problem that need… read more