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Residential Roofing

Breakdown of a Typical Roof Replacement Timeline

Understanding the entire roof replacement process allows you to anticipate potential problems you might encounter along the way. At the same time, it gives you the chance to maintain focus when overseeing your project. Here’s an overview of a typical roof replacement timeline.… read more

How Robust Is Your Roofing Warranty?

Reading the fine print is not something anyone is excited to do, but when it comes to the roof, it’s vital that you peruse and be more critical when reading the warranty. The last thing you want, after all, is to file a claim and find out that the damage isn’t covered by the warranty… read more

Roof Vents: Should You Cover Them in Winter?

Roof vents ensure air properly circulates throughout the attic, ventilating your home as it exits through the roof. Although there are many types of vents, all of them play a key role in keeping your home well ventilated and your roof healthy.… read more