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How a Roof Helps You Save Energy

Roofs are known for their countless functions, which include ensuring the protection of a property and its occupants, providing insulation, keeping your place safe and dry, and even boosting your home’s property value. However, there are still specific ways that your system helps you save energy.… read more

What to Do When a Tree Falls on Your Roof

A large tree falling on the roof is a scenario that most homeowners hope to never encounter. However, extreme weather conditions or overgrowth are inevitable, and these can easily cause trees to buckle and come hurling down on nearby structures, leading to serious damage and costly roof repair. Here are the things you can do if… read more

Why Do Asphalt Shingles Blister?

Most of our roof shingles will weaken due to extreme weather conditions, such as harsh summer heat and heavy hailstorms. This means homeowners will eventually call a roofing company for a repair or replacement, especially if you notice blisters on your roof. We’ll enlighten you more about how this occurs and how you can easily deal with… read more

Shingle Granule Loss: Does It Mean Getting a New Roof?

Asphalt shingles basically have three layers: the mat (either made of cellulose fibers or glass fibers) at the base, the actual layer of asphalt in the middle and the coating of protective mineral granules at the top. It is this topmost layer that gives the asphalt shingles most of their weather resistance. When these granules… read more

3 Lies Shady Roofing Contractors Tell Their Clients

Being lied to is already bad enough, but being lied to because someone wants to take your money is even worse. This is not particularly uncommon with roofing projects. While most asphalt roofing contractors work hard to give you honest and exceptional service, there are still those who would lie all day every day just to get… read more