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The Dangers of Delaying a Roof Replacement

Every home upkeep task is important, but promptly addressing roofing problems should always be at the top of your priority list. Why? It’s because even the smallest leak could pose a health hazard for your family, not to mention the structural damage it can potentially bring to your foundation. If your roof is in dire… read more

Gutter Pitch, Placement and Hanger Spacing: A Pro’s Job

While gutter installation or replacement may seem like a simple, straightforward process, it is a complex job in reality that is best left to professional gutter contractors. For the gutters to perform their functionalities properly, the entire installation process would require technical knowledge and skills. A single mistake can spell trouble for your home if… read more

Hail Sizes: Understanding Their Impact on Your Roof

When a powerful storm hits your area, a lot of things can cause damage to your home and valuables. Heavy winds are the most common culprit, but there is another type of storm that can wreak havoc on your home: hail. Most of the time, hailstorms are really nothing to worry about since the pellets… read more

Tips to Spot and Avoid Storm Chasers

A “storm chaser” is a term to describe roofers who try to pull a fast one on inexperienced homeowners or prey on homeowners in need of urgent repairs. They come into your area after a severe weather event and try to offer their “services”. These dubious individuals will do whatever it takes to make a… read more