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Breakdown of a Typical Roof Replacement Timeline

Understanding the entire roof replacement process allows you to anticipate potential problems you might encounter along the way. At the same time, it gives you the chance to maintain focus when overseeing your project. Here’s an overview of a typical roof replacement timeline.… read more

Humidity: How Does It Affect Your Roofing System?

Your roof serves as your home’s primary defense against weather. However, its constant exposure to the elements can cause it to suffer wear and tear. Excessive humidity, like any other roofing issues, can lead to damage. … read more

What You Need to Know About Asphalt Shingle Blisters

Scheduling a roof inspection in spring is important because it helps identify issues that might compromise the health and performance of your asphalt shingle roof. With a gradual increase in temperatures, be on the lookout for patches of discoloration on your rooftop – this indicates blistering.… read more

Commercial Roofing Maintenance Tips for Springtime

Spring is the ideal time to do roof maintenance to ensure that winter hasn’t caused any issues which could compromise roofing performance. The person to inspect your roof should be a trained and experienced roofer. If possible, call the same roofing contractor that installed your roof. … read more

The Difference Between Open and Closed Valleys

When you compare your roof and those of your neighbors, you may notice the different details of a roof system. For example, there are differences in roof flashings. The two predominant types of methods are open and closed valleys. … read more