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What to Do in Case of Hailstorm Damage to Your Roof

A hailstorm can cause significant damage to your property. Since your roof is one of your home’s frontline defenses against various weather events, it may suffer damage from hailstones and strong winds during a storm. 

Here are the actions you can take if you suspect hail damage on your roof.

Roof Damage Assessment

One of the first things you should do after a hailstorm is to inspect your property and assess the damage on your roof. Go outside, and look for the biggest intact hailstone you can find in your yard or driveway. Take a photo of it, or put it in a food-grade plastic bag, and place it in your freezer. This will prove to your insurance company the severity of the recent hailstorm in your area. 

Then, check for damage to your roof. You don’t have to climb up a ladder or fix anything on your own. You can use a pair of binoculars to conduct a visual inspection. Leave the full inspection of your roofing to a professional.

The parts of your roof that can be viewed from the ground are the shingles and gutters. Shingles are commonly knocked askew or blown off during severe hailstorms, so look around for blown-off pieces. The protective granules are also commonly scattered around as hailstones pelt the surface of your roof. You can check for them around your property and in your gutters. As for your gutters, see if they have any dents and if granules have settled in them.

Call the Pros and Your Insurance Company

Once you’re done with an initial roof inspection, it’s time to call the pros and your insurance company. It is important to have a licensed and certified roofing contractor perform a professional roof inspection. Your insurance company will likely have a partner contractor to scope out the damage, but it’s best to have a third-party company look at your property as well. 

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