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What Are the Three Rs of Commercial Roofing?

Commercial roofing issues can be solved through repair, restoration or replacement. It’s common for property owners to opt for either a roof repair or replacement, but some cases do not necessarily require a full replacement. Sometimes, roof replacement can be inefficient and excessive depending on the true state of your commercial roof. 

Generally, roofing professionals follow a certain order to figure out the best solution to a roof problem: the three Rs of commercial roofing — repair, restoration and replacement.

1. Roof Repair

As mentioned earlier, there is an order of escalation when approaching a roofing issue, and roof repair is usually the first-level response. Roof repairs are ideal when the damage to the roof is superficial. Minor leaks, physical damage and a few missing shingles can all be fixed with a repair. If the extent of damage is manageable, it’s usually enough to perform a repair to prevent further issues.

2. Roof Restoration

Roof restoration is a step up from repairs. It involves a more in-depth assessment of your roofing system. Through visual analysis, infrared scanning, core sample testing and other diagnostic procedures, your contractor would know which parts of your roof can be salvaged. These processes also determine how much longer your roof will last and when you should prepare for a replacement. A restoration is preferable when the scale of damage is unclear. It is a cheaper and less disruptive route than a full roof replacement.

3. Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is ideal when a roof has incurred major damage and can no longer be repaired. The final solution to all roofing concerns, roof replacement involves tearing off the entire roofing system and replacing it with new materials. Though expensive and disruptive to daily routines, this is the ultimate solution that is sure to eliminate all existing roofing problems in one go.

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