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How to Determine if a Nearby Tree Can Cause Gutter Damage

Trees are among the desirable features of your property’s landscaping. Apart from improving the curb appeal of your home, they also provide shade whenever the sun’s out. However, they have their downsides. If not taken care of properly, a nearby tree can cause damage to your gutters and the rest of your home. Here’s how you can tell: 

Overgrown Branches

Tree branches can grow to the point that they start touching the exterior components of your home. Unfortunately, they have the potential to cause serious damage to your roof, gutters and siding if not addressed promptly.

Dead leaves and twigs as well as decayed branches can accumulate on your roof. If not removed immediately, they’ll slowly retain moisture, which can lead to shingle discoloration and even deterioration. Some of these organic debris may find their way into your gutters, clogging them up and preventing water runoff from flowing toward your downspouts and away from your property. As the branches sway with the wind, they scrape and scratch the surfaces of your home’s exteriors, increasing the likelihood of damage.

Structural Defects

Structural defects can cause a tree to fall and damage your gutters and nearby exteriors. If one of the trees planted on your property is showing signs of advanced decay, the chances of it toppling increases. This is more likely to occur in the event of a severe storm. When inspecting the trees, check if their wood trunks are soft to the touch or there’s fungal activity.

To protect your gutters and your home’s exteriors, make sure to trim back overgrown branches, leaving a gap of at least 10 feet between the two. Cut down any decaying trees so that they won’t become a threat to your home in the event of a storm. 

Make sure your gutters are still intact as well. If they’re not as stable as before, it might be time to have them repaired or replaced depending on whatever damage is found in them. When you turn to Jack The Roofer for your gutter needs, you can expect nothing but the best in products and workmanship. Call us now at (720) 722-2255, or fill out our contact form for a consultation. We serve homeowners in and around Aurora and Castle Rock.