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What to Do With Leftover Roofing Shingles?

Roofing materials are measured per “square”, with one square measuring 100 square feet. Each roofing square is broken down into three bundles each. When you hire a roofer for a roof replacement, the team will estimate how many squares are needed based on their initial inspection, with an extra 10% to 15% that could go to waste. These excessive shingles happen due to cuts made for valleys, chimneys and ridges. Here are a few ways you can make use of those leftover shingles 

Save One Bundle for Repairs

Even a well-installed roof can be damaged by ice dams or hail. When you have a backup bundle, you’re sure to have matching shingles, even if the supplier no longer carries the product later on. Just make sure that you keep them in safe conditions. Make sure that their storage area isn’t too hot or cold since it could decrease their adhesive properties or make them too soft. Keep them away from moisture as well.

Use Extra Shingles for Small-Scale Projects

Your roofing contractor would recommend using these sturdy roofing materials for smaller roofing projects to cover a shed, gazebo, dog house, birdhouse or a fairy cottage. You might not mind the color or design of the shingles if it’s in a hidden part of your property. Even if it’s visible on the curbside, think of it as a cute touch that can increase your home’s curb appeal.

Use the Shingles as a Path During Winter

The rough surface of roofing shingles will provide stability and traction to reduce the risk of dangerous slips and skids. Since they don’t have any briny compounds, you won’t damage your concrete with salt substances, along with your footwear.

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