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Essential Information to Expect During a Roofing Estimate

You sure have heard about one of the most important tips about planning a roof replacement project: comparing estimates from prospective contractors. They won’t be the same in terms of pricing, but you can expect them to have more or less similar and standard information, such as the following: 

Estimated Project Timeline

The roof estimate should indicate both the project’s start and end dates. Note, however, that this may change depending on what the roofer may find while assessing your roof. Before the actual roof installation can proceed, the team may have to repair any hidden damage.

Roofing Materials and Components

Expect a roofing estimate to have a full breakdown of all materials and components that will be used for the project. It is not enough that you see the actual items like asphalt shingles, underlayment, ventilation and flashing. Take note of the brand names of each one as well as their quantities and thicknesses. The more specific, the better.

Breakdown of Costs

The costs indicated in the roofing estimate shouldn’t just include those in the itemized list of materials and components. It should also cover labor expenses and building permits. Since the replacement work can get messy, the document should explain if the roofing contractors will be responsible for cleanup and disposal.

Payment Information

A well-written estimate should discuss the payment terms in great detail, from down payments and progress payments to end payments and payment methods. Make sure to read the proposals carefully: they should have a provision that allows you to hold back paying the remaining balance if the finished project doesn’t meet your expectations.

License, Insurance and Warranties

These are the most basic pieces of information that every roofing estimate should have. These are crucial in case something untoward happens while the roof replacement is underway. Consider hiring another contractor if one can’t provide license, insurance and warranty information.

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