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Shingle Blow-Off: Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

If you have asphalt shingles on your roof, there is a good chance that you will experience having shingles blow off in the wind over time. If left untreated for long periods of time, it will surely allow weather elements into your home and cause further and costly damage. So, should you repair or replace a roof with blown-off shingles? A reputable roofer reveals the pros and cons of each. 

Pros and Cons of Roof Repair

Choosing to patch up individual shingles or a section of the roof is a considerably cheaper option than opting for a full-on roof replacement. A team of roofers can remove compromised shingles and install new ones in no time, avoiding the mess and labor associated with a tear-off. 

However, while repairing shingles that have popped and blown off the roof is less expensive upfront, there is a cosmetic cost. Shingles weather and fade over time, making the process of color matching new shingles with existing ones a shot in the dark. When patches on your roof are too obvious, the curb appeal of your home will be affected. This is especially true when large sections of the roof have to be replaced by the roofer.

Pros and Cons of Roof Replacement

The truth is, when sections of the roof are starting to fail, it is usually an indication that other areas will not remain secure or in peak condition much longer either. Meaning, deciding to repair the roof is merely delaying the inevitable. A proper tear-off, on the other hand, gives you peace of mind that your home is protected from weather elements throughout the year. In addition, a new roof presents an opportunity to improve the look and feel of your exterior with different colors, materials and other features. As expected, a roof replacement is a high-cost project. It is also more time-consuming and requires a number of people working on your home for a few days.

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