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The Importance of Roof Vents

Roof ventilation plays a significant role in keeping your roof system in good condition and extending its life span. With proper ventilation, air can properly flow in and out of the attic – making sure that the space and roofing materials aren’t exposed to moisture for prolonged periods.  

Roof Protection

Roof ventilation basically protects your roof from the harmful effects of warm temperatures. Remember that your attic can become extremely hot when the warm air inside is not able to get out and the fresh air from outside can’t enter the space. If your roofing materials are constantly exposed to such warm conditions, they would likely get damaged or deteriorate more quickly. That said, roof ventilation can contribute to a longer life span for your roof system.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Roof vents can also contribute to your home’s energy efficiency and indoor comfort. They help in controlling indoor temperature by keeping the temperature of your roofing and attic from rising — which helps maintain a cool temperature for the other parts of your home. And since your home’s indoor temperature doesn’t fluctuate in extremes, it becomes easier for your heating and cooling system to produce your desired temperature. This means less energy consumption and lower utility costs.

Prevention of Moisture Damage

Moisture can accumulate during hot and humid weather conditions, and even during the winter season. And without proper roof ventilation, it would take a lot longer for moisture to dry out. Prolonged exposure to moisture can eventually lead to water damage.

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