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How a Roof Helps You Save Energy

Roofs are known for their countless functions, which include ensuring the protection of a property and its occupants, providing insulation, keeping your place safe and dry, and even boosting your home’s property value. However, there are still specific ways that your system helps you save energy.


  • Solar Reflection
    Experts suggest that the more effectively your roof reflects solar light, the more energy-efficient it is. If your roof isn’t able to reflect sunlight away from your home, the shingles then absorb the solar heat and transfer it into your home. 

  • Ventilation
    If a roof isn’t properly ventilated, hot air can become trapped inside the attic and cause your entire house to heat up extremely. Systems need to be built with the right amount of ventilation to allow proper airflow between the attic and outdoors. 

  • Modernized Shingles
    Keep in mind that keeping your damaged and old shingles with lower ratings than their newer counterparts is risky. Newer shingles are guaranteed to prevent winds up to 130 miles per hour (mph), keeping the strongest winds out of your home and reducing your energy costs.

  • Shingle Color
    Paying close attention to the shingle color you add to your home will have a huge impact on your utility bills. It can be noted that homes in cold-weather areas benefit from dark shingles, and those in hot climates should have lighter shades to help deflect sunlight.

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