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What Roofers Do About Rainfall During a Roofing Project

Colorado weather is nothing if not fickle, and rain can suddenly fall in the middle of your roof job. So, what do roofers do in light of this unwelcome surprise? 

Roofing Contractors Do Nothing…

Whether it involves repair or installation, roofing projects are a huge deal. All the bases have to be covered to ensure the process runs safely and smoothly. These include your region’s weather patterns, which can impact the work being done on your roofing system. If rain suddenly occurs in the middle of a project, most roofing contractors would halt the process and wait until conditions are more pleasant.

But There’s a Good Reason for This

Plenty of good reasons, in fact. It is absolutely necessary to stop a roof replacement or repair project when it rains. For one thing, the surface of your roof will be wet and slippery, making ongoing work dangerous since this increases the risk of slip and fall accidents. Another important fact: wet conditions render any roofing work ineffective. Shingles, for example, don’t adhere properly to wet surfaces, which can cause them to fail shortly after their installation. 

Not only that – exposure to water can damage the inner components of your roof, such as the decking and underlayment. The trapped moisture in these components can encourage mold growth and rot. Roofing installations done in the rain can also void the warranty since it doesn’t meet specific guidelines and requirements. How do you prevent being surprised by rain in the first place? A good rule of thumb is to check a reliable weather source and schedule the roofing project on a string of sunny days. 

Always Ready and Able

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