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Shingle Granule Loss: Does It Mean Getting a New Roof?

Asphalt shingles basically have three layers: the mat (either made of cellulose fibers or glass fibers) at the base, the actual layer of asphalt in the middle and the coating of protective mineral granules at the top. It is this topmost layer that gives the asphalt shingles most of their weather resistance. When these granules are lost, it may be time to get a new roofing system for your home – or maybe not. Here’s how you can tell if shingle granule loss actually indicates a prompt roof replacement.

Shingle Granule Loss Is Normal

What you should know is that granule loss in shingles doesn’t always mean you should start planning a replacement. In fact, this starts right after a new shingle roof is installed. The manufacturing process may have allowed for excess granules on the shingles, which may have been knocked loose by foot traffic during the actual roof installation. As the shingle roofing ages, it will also gradually lose its mineral granules – this is normal and not something that should concern you.

When Does Granule Loss Indicate a Roof Replacement?

Normal wear and tear aside, there are instances where shingle granule loss IS something that requires action. You might want to call your reliable roof replacement company if the reason for granule loss is:

  • Blistering: This happens when moisture gets under the shingles and expands when the material is exposed to the sun’s heat. See the small, pimple-like protrusions on the surface of asphalt shingles? Those are blisters, and they wear away the mineral granules when they develop, exposing the substrate of the shingles underneath.
  • Severe hail damage: Hailstones damage your shingles upon impact, not only leaving small cracks and dents, but knocking off their mineral granules as well. This leaves the roofing material more susceptible to water infiltration.

When blistering or hail damage covers a significant portion of your shingle roofing system, the likelihood of roof replacement increases. But the only way to know that a new roof is surely in order is to have it checked by a trusted local roofing expert like Jack the Roofer.

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