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3 Lies Shady Roofing Contractors Tell Their Clients

Being lied to is already bad enough, but being lied to because someone wants to take your money is even worse. This is not particularly uncommon with roofing projects. While most asphalt roofing contractors work hard to give you honest and exceptional service, there are still those who would lie all day every day just to get more out of you. Learning how to spot the red flags is your primary defense. Today, we discuss some of the lies a shady contractor may tell you:

  1. “We offer the cheapest prices.” This is not actually a lie, but it IS a huge red flag. You’ll need to ask yourself why a given contractor is willing to offer bids this low. There must be a catch, and you’ll be right – they can afford to offer cheaper prices because they’ll probably cut a few corners (or a lot) later on in the process. You don’t want to end up with subpar materials and sloppy workmanship. That’s why you should always prioritize quality over price when investing in roofing work.
  1. “Roof replacement is the only answer.” Not always! Just like how you won’t throw away a shirt because you dripped a little mayo on it, you shouldn’t have your existing roof replaced just because it has a few leaks. Shadier contractors will try to convince you to get a new roof even with no evidence to back up the claim. It’s a price-raising tactic you should know. This won’t be a problem when you turn to a reliable roofing company like Jack the Roofer, however. We always have your best interest in mind and will match you with the solution that appropriately meets your specific roofing need. 
  1. “We can waive your deductible.” This is not okay. A deductible is part of your insurance policy, and it’s illegal for roofing contractors to waive it or help you avoid paying it. This is a type of insurance fraud. Make sure to drop any contractors who would offer to waive your deductible for you.

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