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3 Signs of Wind Damage on Residential Roofing Systems

You’ll want your roof to be in good shape, and this means being on the lookout for possible weather damage. And, while it pays to keep a close eye on how rain, hail and snow can affect your roof’s performance, you should be especially wary of high wind speeds. That’s because they can instantly create serious problems that accelerate your roof’s deterioration. Here are signs of wind damage.

1. Loosened shingles: It may not look like it at first, but your roof may have sustained damage during a windstorm. For this reason, you should perform a visual inspection of your system afterwards. Are there shingles that seem raised instead of flat? They may have been loosened by wind uplift. As strong winds hit your home’s exterior, their energy disperses upward, which allows them to get under the shingles and lift up the material. 

Because the shingles are no longer firmly attached to the deck and underlayment, this may make it easier for water to infiltrate the system once it rains. This creates roof leaks, an all too familiar problem that homeowners face. But the fact is that loose shingles don’t always look obvious. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have your roof professionally inspected after a windstorm. 

2. Missing shingles: In some cases, the winds may be strong enough to completely tear the shingles off your roof – even if they are still in relatively good condition. When this happens, some areas of the system will become exposed, making the roof more susceptible to other types of weather damage. 

3. Crooked chimney: Other installations on your roof like the chimney may display signs of wind damage. In fact, if you notice your chimney is leaning to the side (or has its cap knocked off), then you should assume your roof hasn’t been exempt to the effects of a windstorm. Have the flashing around the chimney checked. If the seals have been loosened or torn by strong gusts, deal with them promptly. Otherwise, they can increase the potential for leaks.

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