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What You Need to Know About the Roof Truss

Roofing systems need a support structure to hold them up, give them shape and keep them in place – and this is exactly what the roof truss does. It provides the framework for your roof, bridging the space above your rooms while ensuring the system can handle inclined, horizontal and vertical loads. To give you a clearer idea on this crucial roof component, here are some of the facts you need to know.

  • Roof trusses are essential to roof design. They not only maintain the system’s integrity, but also provide accessible areas for laying HVAC, electric and other utility lines, thanks to the triangular spaces they form. The roof trusses are supported by longitudinal posts. They are spaced at regular intervals so they can distribute weight on the roof evenly, eliminating the potential for collapse.
  • Roof trusses have to be incredibly strong and stable. After all, they serve as the main framework and reinforcement for the system. A roof truss may be available in wood or metal – both materials are proven to be durable and long lasting, so the choice is up to you. But materials alone aren’t enough to ensure your roof trusses can remain stable. They also need to be installed properly and efficiently by a trusted roof replacement company like Jack the Roofer. This way, you’re sure the trusses can provide the protection and support your roofing system needs and, at the same time, create a more consistent and comfortable indoor environment for your home. 
  • Roof trusses are convenient. Unlike rafters (which are generally crafted on-site on the actual day of the roof installation), trusses are generally custom-built to exact specifications in a controlled factory setting. This allows for better quality control. They are then moved to the jobsite only when they are needed, which helps deal with issues related to storage and possible damage resulting from weather exposure. 

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