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Considerations to Make When Picking New Shingle Colors

For most people, they would consider a roof replacement project to be a challenging task, especially if it’s their first time doing it. Thankfully, this challenge is a blessing in disguise since this is a chance to breathe new life into your roofing system. This is also a chance to pick new colors for your asphalt shingles if it looks like their colors are fading.

shingle colors

Here are the considerations you should make when picking a new asphalt shingle color.

Factor Your In-House Colors

Your asphalt roof’s color should be coherent with your home’s general theme, especially the interior since it affects your home’s architectural style and curb appeal. Remember that the shingle color that you pick will take a big chunk of your home’s exterior, so make sure that it complements your home’s interior as well as your personal preferences.

Consider the Climate

Don’t forget that the color you choose should work well with your local climate. Your roofing contractor would tell you that choosing the right color for your climate will help you save on utility costs and increases your home’s energy efficiency. As a general rule of thumb, darker colors absorb heat while lighter colors will reflect heat and increase your home’s ventilation. So, be sure to consult your roofing contractor as to which color hues are the best for your home.

Factor In Your Neighbor’s Colors

When you’re out and about on your morning walk, try to look at your neighbor’s houses, and see if your home’s prospective color will stand out when you push through with it. You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb or blend in too much that your home isn’t even noticeable anymore. Find the perfect balance between the colors while ensuring it’s also compliant with your neighborhood’s regulations.

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