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Pros and Cons of Tile Roofing

Spanish, Scandia, double Roman, flat shakes, French, Riviera and many other styles are available if you want to install tile roofing over your home. Tile roofing is one of the most beautiful roofing choices out there, and it lasts a long time, too. It’s often the kind of roofing that allows homeowners to ask for a higher price if they ever sell their home.

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There are pros and cons to tile roofing, though. If you’re thinking about switching to this roofing material, you should know them:

Pros of Tile Roofing

Long Life

It’s not uncommon for a tile roof to last a hundred years, especially in an area with a good climate. If you live where there are often high winds and hail, concrete and clay tiles are the best choice. Most manufacturers back their tile roofing products with a 50-year warranty.


Unless your roof is damaged by heavy impact, which is rare, you won’t have to deal with leaks and other types of roofing damage.

Never Rots

Tile roofs don’t rot or get damaged by insects and animals. Material decay or corrosion will not be a problem.


Tile roofs are not chemically manufactured. They are made using minerals from the earth. If a tile roof is replaced, the material can be pulverized and recycled.

Highly Energy-Efficient

Tile roofing is preferred in hot areas because of its heavy thermal mass. It’s perfect for regulating indoor temperatures.

Many Choices

Unlike before, modern tile roofing is now available in different choices, from clay to concrete to slate. They come in different colors as well. You can choose from a wide variety of styles, even those that mimic the look of asphalt shingles or wood shakes.

Cons of Tile Roofing


Expect to spend up to three times the cost of an asphalt shingle roof when you choose tile roofing. However, your tile roofing system is likely to last more than four times longer than the average asphalt shingle roof.

Expert Installation Only

This is not a DIY installation job. Not all roofing contractors can install tile roofing so make sure to deal only with a highly experienced roofer.


Tile roofs can weigh as much as 850 to 950 pounds per square depending on the type of tile you choose. That’s about 600 to 700 pounds heavier than the average asphalt shingle roof. Your roof structure should be able to hold that kind of weight. This is what makes tile roofing perfect for windy areas.


Tile roofs are very durable, but avoid walking on them. If a heavy tree falls on your roof, it will damage the tiles. Then again, few roofs can withstand that kind of impact. Repairing a damaged tile roof is also quite costly.

Not for Shallow Slopes

Tile is not for shallow-sloped roofs or flat roofs. Your roof should have a steep slope of no less than 4:12 if you want this type of material.

All roofing materials have their own list of pros and cons. In this case, so long as you can afford the cost of a tile roofing system, the pros should outweigh the cons.

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