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Questions to Ask a Roofer’s References

Are you looking for the right contractor for your next roof replacement project? One of the best ways to narrow down your list of possible hires is to check the feedback from the person’s references. That said, you need to ask the right questions if you want to have an accurate assessment of how a contractor interacts with customers.

How Professional Is the Contractor?

Contractors are professionals, so they should be able to interact with you in a professional manner. Ask the contractor’s references about how cordial the contractor is at communicating with them. You want a contractor that is polite with customers and takes extra effort in making sure all involved are on the same page.

Did the Contractor Spend More Than Usual?

Going a bit over the initial budget is normal when it comes to roofing projects. After all, unforeseen circumstances can show up every now and then. Ask the contractors’ references if they ended up going over the project’s initial budget. Good roofing contractors will have estimates accurate enough to keep the margin of error between 5% to 10% of the initial cost.

Do You Have Any Complaints?

Clients being satisfied with the outcome of their recent project is fairly common. After all, contractors will still strive to do a good job. What you should keep an ear out for are instances of the clients being dissatisfied or disappointed with something during the project. From there, discuss it with your prospective contractor.

Anything Exceptional Worth Mentioning?

Hearing about criticisms is fine, but learning about what makes a roof repair company exceptional could be crucial in deciding whether to hire it or not. Did the contractor go above and beyond the expectations? Did the company throw in something extra? This could help you set expectations moving forward with your project.

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