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A Quick Guide to Identifying Wind Damage

Wind is one of the biggest threats to a roofing system, right up there with rain, snow and hail. Knowing the signs of wind damage is essential in finding out the best option to restore your roof, so here are a few pointers to help you out. 

Shingles Around the Home

The most obvious sign of wind damage comes in the form of knocked-out shingles. Take a walk around your home, and check if there are individual shingles lying around nearby. Chances are those shingles were blown off the roof and down to the ground.

Curled Shingles

In some cases, the wind may not be strong enough to completely knock the shingles off your roof, but it can still compromise your roof. Curled shingles create gaps between the roof’s surface layer, leaving it vulnerable to moisture damage. Like with missing shingles, these damaged pieces have to be replaced with help from a certified roofer.

Cracked Sealants

Wind damage can also create negative pressure from underneath the roof, weakening seals and causing them to crack. These cracks can also leave the roof vulnerable to leaks and further wind damage. This type of wind damage tends to happen when the roof is missing soffit panels or have previously missing shingles through which wind can pass.

Getting Help From the Pros

Other signs of wind damage might be too difficult to check on your own, so we strongly recommend getting help from certified local roofers. These pros have the right techniques and tools needed to detect the slightest signs of wind damage so you can have those fixed before they lead to more expensive problems.

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