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Why Is Your Newly Installed or Repaired Roof Leaking?

Roof leaks don’t usually develop overnight unless there was a strong storm in your area. If the weather is normal, and your roof starts leaking, that means the problem started way before the leak became obvious. According to professional roofing contractors, leaks are usually a sign of neglect. Proper and regular maintenance and inspections can ward off potential roof leaks.

However, if leaks still happen after a replacement or repair project, it might be one of these problems:

It’s Not the Roof

The roof itself might not be leaking, but other components close to your roof might be. A new roof shouldn’t have leaks unless there’s a manufacturing defect, or the contractor made a mistake. If neither of these is true, then there must be something other than the roof that’s leaking. You should also make sure it’s not your plumbing or your HVAC that needs repairs. 

It’s Coming From a Different Area

If you recently had only a part of your roof repaired, and it’s still leaking, it’s possible that the water is coming from an unrepaired area. This is where a thorough inspection is important. A thorough and complete inspection should unearth every problem with the roof.

Your Foundations Are Moving

This happens when the soil under the house is settling. This movement can force your home’s foundations to move away from their original location or position. Enough movement can cause cracks and gaps in different areas of the building, including your roof. 

Wrong Materials Were Used

When you hire unqualified contractors because they’re cheaper, chances are high that they would use the wrong materials to save money. If the materials are not compatible with the roof they’re fixing, leaks can quickly develop. The same is true if they worked during a cold day as roof seals adhere properly only when it’s warm.

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