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Can Your Roofer Help With Storm Damage Insurance Claims?

With storm season just around the corner, homeowners will be calling up their roofers to help get their roof ready to face some bad weather. While preventive maintenance and seasonal inspections can help keep your roofing system in good condition, it pays to have the extra protection of an insurance policy. You can take this opportunity to review some of the steps you need to take in case a sudden storm causes problems on your roof.

It can be challenging for many homeowners to navigate the rules and terms of insurance policy. Coverage can vary from one provider to the next, and there is no one-size-fits-all guide that can help you with your potential claims from start to finish. Regardless, most insurance providers follow a few similarities that can help you get started. 

Damage Assessment

As soon as the storm passes, and it’s safe to go outside, contact your local roof replacement company for a thorough inspection right away. Oftentimes, your insurance provider will also send an adjuster to examine the extent of the damage, but having a report from an independent third-party contractor can be helpful to ensure you’re getting the most out of your claim.


As you wait for the professionals to arrive, use the time to take your own photographs of all visible damage you can spot on your roof. Be careful, however, not to get on the roof itself. Many storm-related problems can be seen and photographed from the ground. These pictures will help increase the chances of your claim being approved.

Repairs and Replacement

Once your roofer has finished assessment, they may also recommend whether a repair or a replacement is necessary. Sometimes, prompt action is needed to prevent further problems from developing so your roofer may begin repairs as soon as possible. The costs to shoulder this work can often be included in your claim.

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