Roof Anatomy Basics - The Roofing Soffit
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Roof Anatomy Basics – The Roofing Soffit

One of the most often-overlooked parts of the roof is the soffit. It’s not the most visible part of the roof, and some roofs don’t even have it. However, for roofs that do have a soffit, it plays an important role in keeping the roof and the rest of your home functioning efficiently. Here’s a quick rundown on the soffit.

Soffit in a Nutshell

The soffit refers to the space between the edge of an overhanging roof and the building’s exterior. This means roofs that do not have overhanging sections lack a soffit. The space is usually covered by soffit covers that are made of either wood, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), fiber cement or even metal panels put in by roofers during installation.

Protection and More

At first glance, the soffit’s panels are only there to give the roof eaves a cleaner look. However, aside from keeping water and debris from entering from under the roof, the soffit also serves as the main entry/exit point for air circulating in the vents. In some cases, a roofer can have a gutter system’s downspout go straight through the soffit instead of having it sticking out of the eaves.

Preventing Soffit Problems

Like with all parts of the roof, you need to pay attention to the soffit to avoid certain problems. Cracked or missing panels will compromise the soffit’s ability to protect the more vulnerable parts of the roof so they have to be replaced ASAP. Panels with dent holes also have to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that roof and attic ventilation doesn’t get blocked.

Professional Installation and Maintenance

Getting help from a roof replacement company goes a long way in keeping your soffit problem-free. A roofing specialist can make the right call when it comes to choosing the right soffit materials. Professionals can also perform more effective repairs; plus, it also helps ensure that your roof’s warranty doesn’t get voided by a botched DIY job.

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