Getting to Know Commercial Roofing Warranties
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Getting to Know Commercial Roofing Warranties

Roofing warranties are extremely important. These warranties are not just there to cover you in case something goes wrong with your roof, but it’s also a way to assure you that the roofing experts installed a system that will serve you well. Here are the different types of warranties.

Material Warranty

This type of warranty provides coverage (limited or otherwise) for problems that may arise because there is something wrong with the material or the roof design. Some manufacturers will offer limited warranties while others will have a no-dollar limit. High-end materials tend to have longer warranties.

Labor Warranty

This type of warranty covers problems that could arise because of a problem with how the roof was installed (although in some cases it also covers problems caused by specific product defects). This type of warranty is usually prorated, and the coverage limit tends to go down over the years.

Roof System Warranty

The most basic type of commercial roof warranty, this one covers repairs or replacement for problems in the roof’s membrane (whether caused by product defect or installation). While this type of warranty only covers the roof membrane, it’s still something you should have in case that specific part experiences a problem.

Contractor Warranty

The previous warranties come from the roof manufacturer, but the contractor warranty comes straight from the local roof contractor you hire. This warranty varies greatly per roofing company so make sure you pick a contractor that offers more comprehensive coverage and longer warranty periods.

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