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Breakdown of a Typical Roof Replacement Timeline

Understanding the entire roof replacement process allows you to anticipate potential problems you might encounter along the way. At the same time, it gives you the chance to maintain focus when overseeing your project. Here’s an overview of a typical roof replacement timeline.

Days Before the Start of Installation

As soon as you approve of your new roof’s design and sign the contract, your chosen contractor will meet with you to finalize certain details, including the date of installation. This is also the time where you’ll get to know the pros who’ll work on your roofing project.

Days before the start of the installation, the roofing materials will be delivered to your home. Expect them to bring at least one dumpster as well, which will haul off discarded shingles and other old roofing components. Discuss with them if you need more time to clear space in your yard or garage for staging the new materials and the dumpster.

Actual Roof Installation

Any roofing project, whether it is a roof repair for hail damage or a complete replacement, tends to generate noise, dust and debris. These make your home unsuitable for pets and children. Be sure to make arrangements to have your kids stay at a relative and have your pets temporarily sheltered in a trustworthy provider of kennel boarding services.

On the first day of the project, your valuables and furniture will be protected with drop cloths or tarps to protect them against dust. For your landscaping, talk to your contractor about protecting it as well. Once the roof installation is complete, expect the contractor to give you a final walkthrough, where you’ll check how your new roof looks. After cleaning up your indoors and your outdoors, your whole family and your pets can immediately move inside.

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