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Humidity: How Does It Affect Your Roofing System?

Your roof serves as your home’s primary defense against weather. However, its constant exposure to the elements can cause it to suffer wear and tear. Excessive humidity, like any other roofing issues, can lead to damage. 

The Presence of Moisture on Your Roof

The roof’s continued sun exposure causes heat to get trapped inside the attic. With moisture present, mold and mildew can spread and multiply, weakening the roof’s wood components like the joists, rafters and the plywood roof sheathing or decking. This problem must be dealt with as soon as possible because it poses both a safety and health risk.

Heat and Its Damaging Effects

Heat damage can affect the roof’s vulnerable wooden components, including the rafters, joists, support beams and the decking or sheathing. Expansion and contraction may occur, creating cracks and openings that let water seep into your home, which can lead to mold and mildew problems. In addition to heat inside the attic, the heat rising from the interior can cause the roof to form weak spots and the shingles to curl and shrink.

Preventing and Protecting Against Humidity

Keeping your roof in good condition through regular maintenance is vital to protecting it against heat and humidity. Making sure it is properly vented helps minimize the effects of both these issues; otherwise, signs of condensation, such as water stains on your ceiling, may manifest. An experienced roofing contractor sees to it that your roof has enough ventilation for your roof based on the design of your home, the local climate and other factors.

Timely repairs are also imperative. This way, you avoid costly repairs in the future that can lead to premature replacement. For this, turn to the reliable roofing pros at Jack The Roofer. We know a damaged roof is an emergency so we promise a two-day turnaround from our inspection date.

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