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How Robust Is Your Roofing Warranty?

Reading the fine print is not something anyone is excited to do, but when it comes to the roof, it’s vital that you peruse and be more critical when reading the warranty. The last thing you want, after all, is to file a claim and find out that the damage isn’t covered by the warranty at all.

What’s Usually Included?

Your typical warranty covers defective materials or poor workmanship, which often manifests as leak repairs. Installation errors, whether it’s the wrong kind of shingles or improper nailing, are all covered by the warranty.

What’s Excluded?

Exclusions differ when it comes to warranty, but they often include damage from extreme weather, such as tornadoes or storms. Many homeowners are often surprised that poor maintenance isn’t covered within the warranty.

Many residential and multi-family home roofing contractors, including ourselves, always make it a point to tell the homeowners that the long-term care and maintenance of your roof is their responsibility.

Check the Offers

When you have multiple bids from different contractors, it’s always a good idea to take some time to read through their offers – especially the warranties they offer. Consider not only the extent of their coverage, but what you realistically need. If the area you live in is susceptible to storms, then pick the contractor that can provide you the best coverage.

Whether you need roof repair from hail damage or a brand new roof, Jack the Roofer is here to assist you with your upcoming project. We offer quality products with excellent warranties combined with a five-year workmanship guarantee!

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