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How Moisture Damages the Roof

Water damage is the number one enemy of the roof, but it’s not always from the rain that it can experience this. Too much moisture, whether from outside or from within your home, can do long-lasting damage to the roof.


Jack the Roofer, one of the top roof maintenance companies in Parker, CO, shares how moisture damages the roof and what you can do about it.

Moisture and Condensation

When moisture from within your home rises up and escapes through the roof, it condenses as it comes into contact with the roof, transforming from gas to a liquid state. The accumulated condensation creates a damp and wet roof environment that will eventually affect the shingles, often making them more susceptible to leaks as they loosen the granules.

Roof condensation, however, only happens when the roof is colder than the air inside your attic. This is easy to address with proper ventilation, ensuring that both the attic space and the roof are relatively the same temperature.

Damaged Shingles

Deep cracks and blistering shingles make the roof more susceptible to moisture accumulation. The latter, in particular, puts your roof at risk of water intrusion when it rains or snows. As your roofing storm damage contractor, we highly recommend you address these concerns as soon as possible to minimize the risk of moisture damage.

Moisture and Mold

Finally, moist and damp conditions on the roof and attic space makes the perfect breeding ground for mold. While these are relatively harmless to the roof, it can become a health risk if you have family members with asthma or allergies. Reducing the moisture levels throughout your home, such as through proper ventilation and keeping the roof healthy, minimizes the risk of mold development and proliferation.

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