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Project Planning: Finding a Roofer Beforehand

Finding a qualified contractor can take a long time so it’d be a good idea to start searching for one even before you need some roofing work done. That way, you’ll minimize project delays and make sure you get a quality roof. Here are some ways to vet your potential roofers.

Making a Shortlist of Qualified Contractors

Here’s how you can compile a shortlist of prospective contractors:

  1. Skim through online customer reviews – Keep in mind that a negative review isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker. What’s more important here is the contractor’s response, if they bothered to respond to the complaint at all.
  2. Ask for references – You can ask your family and friends for recommendations.
  3. Check a contractor’s certifications – These certifications are proof a residential roofing contractor underwent professional training to expand their expertise. Some independent organizations vet applicants before awarding them certifications.

Check if They Have Liability and Workers’ Compensation Insurance

You can be held legally liable for workplace injuries on your property so you should make sure all the contractors on the list have insurance.

Compare Estimates 

If you need some roofing work done, try to gather and compare at least three estimates from the roofers on the list.

Never Pay Upfront 

A reputable contractor will never ask you to pay upfront. Normally, a contractor would only ask for a good faith deposit of 10% or less.

Discuss the Project Timeline

Make sure to discuss and clarify the project timeline, including the deadlines for deliverables, to ensure a smooth roofing experience for you.

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