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Ice Dams: How to Keep Them From Coming Back

Left unattended for too long, ice dams can cause roof leaks and permanent damage to your roof. It’s a recurring issue every winter, but you can prevent them from coming back by taking a few precautions. 

How Ice Dams Form 

If your attic doesn’t have adequate insulation, heat can escape into the upper portions of your roof, melting the snow that has accumulated on top. The melted snow then slides down to the lower, colder portions of your roof and starts to freeze again, depositing ice on your roof’s edges. 

How to Prevent Them From Coming Back

First off, you need to make sure your attic and your walls are insulated properly. Otherwise, warm air from the living spaces can slip through the gaps in the insulation layers, or spaces around the vent pipes, chimneys and light fixture boxes, and make its way onto your roof. 

Adequate ventilation can also help prevent ice dams from forming on your roof. If warm air manages to reach a well-ventilated attic, it’ll be quickly dissipated through gable and roof vents. 

How Do You Know if Your Home Has Enough Insulation?

One way to know whether the insulation installed in your home is enough is to find out what your area’s climate zone is. Each zone has specific requirements. You can also have one of your local roof maintenance companies inspect your roof – there may be other factors that are causing ice dams to form. 

Just make sure to hire a reputable contractor. Remember, always vet a contractor before hiring them. 

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