Going on 75: Why Homeowners Prefer TAMKO® Products
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Going on 75: Why Homeowners Prefer TAMKO® Products

While you can’t base your purchases solely on a product’s brand, doing so can help you narrow down your choices. TAMKO® is one of the most trusted names in the home construction sector, having been in the industry for 75 years now. There are many reasons why so many of our customers prefer this brand.

How It Started 

A key ingredient of TAMKO’s success is its continuous drive to innovate, which can be traced back to the manufacturer’s relatively humble beginnings in 1944. Founders E.L. and Mary Ethel Craig came up with the company’s name by combining the first letters of the sales territories of Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma, and built the business from the ground-up through sheer perseverance and grit.

Constant Innovation: The Key Ingredient 

The late TAMKO President J.P. Humphreys introduced the principle of continuous improvement to the company. This principle, based on the practices of famed statistician Edwards Deming, allowed TAMKO to increase the efficiency of its manufacturing processes, reduce waste and introduce new products into the market at a competitive price point. TAMKO’s extensive catalog of roofing shingle profiles and designs are a result of that principle.

Guaranteed Product Quality 

Aside from the variety of design choices and competitively priced cutting-edge features, a lot of homeowners prefer TAMKO roofing products because of their high quality. Since TAMKO is a vertically integrated company, it owns most of its raw materials plants, allowing the manufacturer to impose strict quality controls in the manufacturing process and maintain the quality of its TAMKO products.

Hiring a Qualified Contractor 

Of course, the quality of the roofing materials won’t matter much if they’re not installed properly, which is why you should only hire a qualified residential roofing contractor.

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