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Common Flat Roofing Problems and How to Avoid Them

You need to keep an eye out for the most common flat roofing problems – the sooner you have a contractor fix them, the better. Flat roofs are notoriously prone to leaks, but with proper maintenance, you can prevent them from happening. 


It’s easier to walk on a flat roof, but with the exception of low-sloped roofs specifically built for outdoor use, they’re not built to handle foot traffic. The added weight load can cause your flat roof to split, creating an entry point for water to infiltrate your roof. 

Of course, foot traffic isn’t the only possible culprit here: rapidly changing temperatures or installation errors can also damage your flat roof. The only way to prevent your flat roof from splitting is to make sure your commercial roofer properly installs the right kind of membrane. 

Pooling Water 

The term flat roof is a bit of a misnomer; they’re actually slightly elevated to make sure water flows down the drains. If, however, the drains are clogged with foliage and other kinds of debris, water can accumulate. The resulting puddles add to the weight burden on your roof, potentially causing parts of it to collapse. Routinely cleaning your flat roof can help prevent puddles from forming on your flat roof. 

If, however, puddles keep forming on your flat roof despite your drains being free of any debris, the drains’ capacity might not be enough to handle the average rainfall your area receives. In which case, you’ll need to have a roofer replace them with bigger drains. 

Getting It Right From the Get-Go

We’ve noticed that most of the issues with flat roofing stem from installation errors, which is why we strongly recommend vetting a contractor before hiring them. 

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