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What Is a Roof Replacement Deductible & How Is It Calculated?

A deductible refers to the amount of money that homeowners pay toward the cost of an insurance claim, for instance, a roof repair from hail damage. Deductibles and other policies vary by company, insurance product and state law. 

Read on to learn more about deductibles and how to calculate them.

Damage-Specific Deductibles

Usually, insurance policies cover all perils or causes of property damaged. It may also come with extended coverage, which includes damage from hail and wind. For these policies, a single deductible amount covers all kinds of damage. Know what your policy includes and how to apply deductibles to your roof replacement. 

Contractor Discounts

Some contractors offer to pay for customers’ deductibles or provide discounts or allowances to offset deductibles. This practice is discouraged in the industry and is illegal in some states. Always keep the information about your deductible between you and your insurance provider.

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Deductibles Don’t Cover Add-Ons

When calculating the cost of your roof replacement, add your deductible to the extras or upgrades that aren’t covered by your insurance claim. The adjuster will usually offer the market price for having the old roof replaced with similar material. You’ll have to pay for the price difference if you want to use better products. 

Tax Deductions

There’s a possibility that your deductible and out-of-pocket expenses for your roof replacement are tax deductible. However, there are many conditions, which involves itemizing your deductions on your tax return. Make sure to consult a tax adviser when filing a claim because some conditions have time restrictions. 

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