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What Makes a Commercial Roof Last Longer?

A building manager has to maintain all parts of a structure since roof maintenance is important in protecting the building’s structural integrity. There are ways to make sure that your commercial roof lasts its full, expected lifetime.

Good Drainage

A good drainage system will prevent water from pooling on the roof, which will also keep it out of the building. 

Limited Roof Access

Only authorized personnel should have access to the roof like professionals you hired for asphalt shingle installation or repair. Excessive foot traffic can cause strain to the roofing material. Consider locking the door that leads to the roof if it has interior access. For roofs with exterior access, use a removable ladder, or invest in a retractable or lockable ladder. You also need to make sure you don’t have nearby obstacles like fences where people can climb onto the roof.

Sufficient Equipment Clearance

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) provides guidelines on how high equipment stands should be to allow enough clearance to let tradespeople to get under the equipment for repairs and maintenance. Larger equipment would need a higher stand. 

Space Around Penetrations

Penetrations through the roof require adequate space for repairs. They should be at least a foot away from roof edges, other penetrations and any fixtures on the rooftop. 

Water Barriers Under Expansion Joints

These prevent water that leaks through the joints from entering the building. You can also have them installed around the coping.

Two-Piece Counterflashing on Parapet Walls

Likely, you’ll have to repair or replace the flashing if your roof has a 20- to 25-year lifespan. Incorporate a two-piece counterflashing on the parapet wall during the next roof replacement.

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