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How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Commercial Roofing System

Every year, around $20 billion is spent on commercial roofing projects. Maintenance is important when it comes to preventing minor roofing issues that can over time compromise the entire system.

Good Drainage – It prevents water from settling on your building’s roof and damaging other components of the system.

Safe, Limited Roof Access – Good access is required for proper inspections, maintenance and repairs. However, excessive foot traffic can cause strain on the roof. You should have control over who can get onto the roof. Consider locking the door if your roof has interior access. Make sure you don’t have nearby obstacles that people can use to get onto the roof.

Proper Equipment Clearance – The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) established guidelines regarding the height of equipment stands to give workers access under the equipment for maintenance and repairs. Larger equipment requires a higher stand.

Clearance Around Penetrations – Penetrations around the roof needs enough space for repairs. They should be at least a foot away from roof edges, other penetrations and other items on the roof.

Water Barriers Under Expansion Joints – It prevents water that seeps in through the joints from getting inside the building.

Limited Legs at the Corners Roof maintenance companies usually use 8- to 10-foot lengths of metal. Metal constantly expands and contracts so limit the legs in the corners to only around one foot to reduce stress on the corners. 

Two-Piece Counterflashing on Parapet Walls – Roofs will have to be reflashed at some point during their lifespan. Include a two-piece counterflashing on the parapet during your next roof replacement. 

Pipe Support Systems – Placing a block of wood on top of a membrane doesn’t provide sufficient support. It can tear the membrane and cause other roofing problems. 

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