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Do You Need to Move Out During a Roof Replacement?

You don’t have to leave your home when your roof is being replaced, but it’s recommended you do so. The job usually only takes a few days for an average-sized home. Roof replacement involves a lot of construction, mess and noise. So, should you stay or move out during the process?


We suggest parking your car on the other side of the street during the construction. Debris could fall on your car if you park it in the driveway. Tools and items can accidentally land on the car if it’s parked in the garage. It’s recommended to park your car away from the house while the roof is being replaced. 

Outdoor Items & Landscaping

A residential or commercial roofer usually places tarps on the landscaping to catch debris. Protect your outdoor furniture and valuables by bringing them indoors. Place additional tarps on any landscaping that you want to protect. 


Let your kids know about the roof replacement ahead of time, and set some ground rules. Allot safe places where they can play, and instruct them not to go outside while the roof is being replaced. Debris might fall off on different sides of the roof while it’s being torn off. It’s best to keep children away from the area. 


Consider removing or evacuating your pets during your roof replacement. The roofing job can be stressful for pets. You also can’t predict how they will react to strangers walking in and out of your home. Keep your pets in a quiet room or a basement where they can get relief from the noise. 

Always communicate your concerns with your roofers so they can help you during the roof replacement process. At Jack the Roofer, keeping clients in the know is our most valued trait. We are your leading residential and steep-slope roofing contractor. With our over three decades of experience, we know the best solutions for every home design and layout. Call us at (720) 230-4484, or fill out our online form for a free estimate. We serve homeowners in Denver, CO, and surrounding areas.