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Solutions to Common Roof Problems

It’s always best to take a “prevention is better than cure” approach when dealing with roofing problems. Leaks are a particularly dangerous problem to ignore, and the small undetectable ones are even more troublesome. These small leaks allow water to penetrate the roof assembly and, over time, cause massive amounts of damage. The worst part is, homeowners only realize the trouble when it’s already too late.

Identifying the signs and symptoms of common roofing problems can help you avoid bigger issues in the future. 

Minor Leaks

If your roof is showing signs of staining, it’s likely that there’s already a leak within the assembly. You can follow the streak to locate where the problem is, but this isn’t always viable. Leakage is most common in places where there are fixtures penetrating the assembly. Flashing takes care of this problem, but, when it fails, you’re looking at water damage on a whole-roof scale. Call roofing contractors to properly take care of even the most minor of leaks before they progress into major problems.

Proper Ventilation

The presence of mold colonies is a sure sign of moisture problems. If you’re certain that your roof has no leaks, the next place to inspect would be your roof vents. Proper attic ventilation is key to maintaining a healthy level of humidity in your roof. Roof vent issues are better handled by certified roofers. Attempting a DIY repair may worsen the situation or create more problems.

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