Why Summer Is the Best Season for Roof Replacement
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Why Summer Is the Best Season for Roof Replacement

Roofs can be replaced during most seasons, but summer is the perfect time to have it done. Here’s why:

Why Summer Is the Best Season for Roof Replacement

Less Chance of Rain

Your home will be exposed to the elements for several hours or, even days, between removing your old roof and installing the new one. The less chance of it getting rained on, the better and not just because it minimizes the risk of water intrusion. New roofs are ideally installed dry to minimize the amount of moisture that may get trapped between the underlayment and roof deck. Also, certain components need to be installed in relatively dry conditions, such as attic insulation and starter strips.

Fewer Delays

While summer is a busy season for contractors, delays are less likely. Materials sourced from the factory won’t get delayed by inclement weather, which helps contractors like us finish on schedule or even ahead of it.

Early Preparation for Cold Seasons

The sooner you have your new roof on, the better prepared you will be once the temperatures start dropping. The months between summer and winter are just enough for the new roof to “settle”, which gives you and your contractor ample time to make adjustments as needed. By the time winter sets in, you’ll just be sitting in your home, warm and comfortable.

Less Disruptive

Roof installation is noisy, dusty and chaotic, with installers going back and forth your home. If you have school-age kids, you wouldn’t want them coming home to this scene. Having your roof replaced in summer means you can have your kids and pets stay at a relative or perhaps plan an out-of-town weekend with them without worrying about them missing school. By the time your family gets back, they’ll marvel at their magnificent new roof…then enjoy its benefits for the rest of the year.

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