White Roofing: How Does It Combat Summer Heat?
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White Roofing: How Does It Combat Summer Heat?

Choosing a white roof can help you combat summer heat. In this post, roofing storm damage contractor, Jack the Roofer, shares a look at how white roofs help reduce the effects of summer heat.

White Roofing: How Does It Combat Summer Heat?

What Are Cool Roofs?

Dark roof colors are more popular because they look better from the curb. Dark roofs also tend to absorb more heat, which, if paired with insufficient attic insulation, will allow more heat to penetrate the indoor living space, resulting in higher cooling costs or an extremely uncomfortable home. White surfaces are reflective, which means sunlight – including solar heat and ultraviolet (UV) rays – bounces off its surface. This has a similar effect as wearing a white shirt under a hot sun, which is more comfortable than wearing a dark shirt.

White or light-colored roofs are called “cool roofs” and have two principal qualities: one is reflectivity and the other is radiance, which radiates already-absorbed heat. Combined with a proper substrate or attic insulation, only a small amount of heat will be absorbed through the roof. The lower the indoor cooling requirements are, the lower the resulting energy bills will be.

Types of Cool Roofing Systems

Roof maintenance companies offer different types of cool roofing systems. Single-ply commercial roofing like EPDM and TPO are perhaps the most common type of cool roofing since both materials are readily available in white.

Given the bigger floor areas (compared to residential properties), commercial roofs can benefit from cool roofing systems. In urban areas, white roofs can also help reduce the urban heat island effect, where solar heat is absorbed and retained on asphalt roads and dark-colored roofs. The radiant heat can raise the ground temperatures in these areas, which means residents and workers in these areas tend to use air conditioning for longer times.

White roofs are not as compatible with sloped residential roofing. Fortunately, roofing manufacturers offer asphalt shingles and metal roofs with reflective properties. Thanks to these products, one can choose an aesthetically pleasing roof color and still enjoy the benefits of a cool roof.

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