Why Every Home Should Use TAMKO® Roofing Products
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Why Every Home Should Use TAMKO® Roofing Products

TAMKO® roofing products have been protecting homes and families for 75 years. With each roofing product designed to keep rainwater and other elements outside the home, it’s no wonder then that contractors trust them.

Why Every Home Should Use TAMKO® Roofing Products

Building an effective roof goes beyond choosing the right roofing material, however. You’ve got to select the best roofing accessories that will provide a strong base for your shingles while keeping your home protected from bad weather for longer.

Here are your options from TAMKO:

TAMKO® Underlayment

Our underlayments are used prior to installation on a variety of roofing material, including asphalt and composite shingles, wood shakes, slate, tile and metal roofing. These create barriers in your rakes, eaves and valleys, preventing water and other elements from seeping inside.

TAMKO Shingle Starters

Our shingle starters are designed to provide a more precise start to installing shingles.  These are very helpful for a roof replacement or repair.

TAMKO Cements and Sealants

These serve to seal your roof from start to finish and give it better waterproofing capabilities.

TAMKO Ventilation

Our ventilation accessories are designed to promote proper roof venting. Some work with your soffit vents, and some are attached to your roof ridge to provide added ventilation to your attic space.

TAMKO Hip Ridge Shingles

Our hip ridge shingles are designed to add the perfect finishing touch to your roof. They blend in with your roofing shingles to complete the look of your roof.

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