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Safety Tips for Inspecting the Roof After a Storm

Harsh weather is one of your roof’s worst enemies. Heavy winds, hail and debris can severely damage your roof so an inspection after a storm is very important. Addressing problems early can prevent bigger problems in the near future.

Safety Tips for Inspecting the Roof After a Storm

In this post, one of the most trusted multi-family home roofing contractors, Jack the Roofer, shares post-storm roof inspection safety tips.


Your attic is the best indoor area to look for signs of roof damage. Inspect the place during the daytime. If there is sunlight passing through the plywood decking, that means there are holes that need to be repaired. Using a flashlight, check the decking for dark stains or streaks, and sagging, which can indicate water intrusion.


Examine your roof from ground level, and walk around to try and identify anything that indicates damage. If you spot missing shingles, have them replaced immediately. Contact your local contractor for roof repair to make sure it’s done right. Improper installation can create bigger roof issues.

High winds or debris may have caused the shingles to crack or curl. Look out for dark patches as these are areas where granules may have fallen off the shingle. These patches make your roof defenseless against the sun, which can eventually dry out the asphalt, resulting in leaks.

Chimneys and vents are secured by flashings to prevent water penetration. Bent or detached flashing should be repaired as soon as possible. Search for debris as it can cause granule fallout and cracks.

On the Roof

It’s advisable to allow only trained professionals to perform roof inspections to ensure your safety and to avoid further damage on the shingles. Climbing up a ladder should only be done in favorable weather conditions.

The roof should be checked for loose nails or raised nail heads. Examine the flashing closely to ensure they are secure. Debris in the gutters should be cleaned to prevent clogging, which may lead to water damage.

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