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Why Roofing Estimates Vary From One Contractor to Another

One of the most important factors of planning a roofing project is the budget so you consult different contractors for quotes. As you provided them with the same specifications, you expect that the estimates would be similar – but they aren’t.

Why Roofing Estimates Vary From One Contractor to Another

In this post, your roofing storm damage contractor, Jack the Roofer, explains why roofing estimates differ from one company to another.

Why Roofing Companies Charge Differently

Some contractors have more and advanced equipment compared to others, which can increase the labor cost. On the other side, smaller contractors mostly prefer fewer workers to get involved in the process so this may also be a factor in the estimate.

There are contractors who have a hectic schedule but would accept your project if you’re willing to pay more. Meanwhile, there are companies without proper insurance, and their estimates are usually lower, but this can compromise your safety. The warranty also plays a role in roofing estimates.

If you need to have your roofing replaced or repaired, roof maintenance companies may come up with different costs if you have provided them with varied specifications. You have to make sure you have given each contractor the same details.

At times, the price can indicate the reliability of the roofing company and the expertise of the estimator as well as the crew.

Hire a Reliable Roofing Company

Reviews and referrals should weigh a lot when choosing a roofing contractor. A contractor with complete permit and insurance ensures the workers’ and your home’s safety.

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