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How to Prevent Trees From Causing Roof and Structure Damage

Trees and shrubs can improve your home’s appearance and give you more privacy. However, before you start building your garden, keep in mind that roots can grow very long, and they seep moisture from the ground.

In this post, your local residential and commercial roofer, Jack the Roofer, gives helpful tips on how you can add more plants to your home without damaging your roof and home.

1. Mind the Distance – Plants cause clay soil to shrink, so make sure to plant new trees a good distance from your home. Know how tall the trees are going to be to determine their best position.

High water-demand trees include elm, eucalyptus, oak, willow and poplar. They should be placed at least one-and-a-quarter times their mature height away from your home.

Planting trees near your house can cause structural and plumbing damage due to aggressive root systems. Debris from trees like small branches and leaves can prematurely wear your roof’s protective coating. When your roof gets damaged, make sure to contact a roof repair professional.

2. Be Considerate – For your safety, be very cautious when planting trees near drains or lightweight structures. Remember that these trees will also be near your neighbor’s house so make sure you ask them for permission before planting.

3. Avoid Climbers – Ivy and Virginia Creepers stick on the exterior walls through suckers, twining tendrils or aerial roots, which may damage the mortar and cause moisture buildup. Moisture can cause termite infestation as termites can also feed on shrubs and trees. These plants should be placed far away from the house.

4. Proper Drainage – Prevent structural damage by keeping your home dry. Study what species of plants work best with your soil type to avoid water buildup in the ground. Poorly maintained landscaping puts your house at higher risk of water penetration.

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