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Why a New Roof May Fail Early

Any homeowner would logically expect their newly installed roof to last them for practically their entire lifetime: about 20 years at the very least.  But what if you find that your roof is already practically falling apart – and it’s only been a few years since you got it replaced?

The best thing you can do for yourself when getting a new roof installed is to carefully vet your contractor. Proper roof installation doesn’t come cheap; it is, after all, a long-term investment in your home and family. If you hire a contractor who doesn’t think twice about cutting corners to lower their bid, you essentially set yourself – and your roof – up for failure. Good roofing is basically about two things: picking out right contractor AND choosing to install the most reliable products you can afford.

Why Roofs May Fail Early

  • Installation woes. You may pick out the most beautiful, expensive shingles on the market and still suffer roof failure. Why? Because correct installation is key. Find a qualified contractor that’s certified to work with a specific manufacturer. Product knowledge and training as well as long-term experience are essentials you need to consider so that you can guarantee yourself of the best-quality roofing product and installation services. Moreover, roofing insurance claims specialists will advise you to make sure that your roof is properly inspected and signed off on so you can justify claims to recover any losses for premature failure. 
  • Proper ventilation. Your roof’s health depends on what lies directly beneath it. Homeowners sometimes don’t understand how critical a balanced attic ventilation system is: cool, fresh air must be able to enter the attic, and hot, moist air needs to be pushed out through exhaust vents. Why so? Improper ventilation can lead to damaging heat and moisture buildup in the attic in hot weather, and the formation of ice dams during winter. 
  • Substandard materials. If you go cheap and pick the lowest bid, you might be setting yourself up for roof failure. Choosing the cheapest bid could mean hiring a contractor who wouldn’t mind saving himself a buck or two (thereby making a bit more profit) by using substandard materials here and there. Make sure you know the exact specifications of materials to be used, and let your contractor know that you wouldn’t really mind increasing your budget if it can ensure the use of better materials. 
  • Flimsy flashing. Chimney flashings play an important function, which is to waterproof a chimney, skylight or wall. When it comes to the flashing, Jack the Roofer will be the first to tell you that replacing it with caulk to seal is not acceptable; caulk can break down over time and allow water to enter the home.

It may cost a bit more to do the job right, but cutting corners will put your home at risk, so do yourself a favor and avoid shortcuts altogether. To ensure the proper installation of your roofing, call Jack the Roofer today at (720) 722-2255. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule a free, in-home consultation.  We serve Parker and Denver, CO, and nearby areas in Colorado.